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Prayosha Enterprise is one of most prominent All types Surface grinding machine manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Turkey, including Horizontal Surface Grinding, Hydraulic Surface Grinders, Precision Surface Grinding Machines, CNC Surface Grinders, Oil type Surface Grinder, Flat Surface Grinding Machine, Supreme Surface Grinders, Cylindrical Surface Grinders and CNC Thread Grinding Machine etc..

Our Surface Grinding Machines meet worldwide quality standards while responding to the specific needs of local and global markets such as Turkey, Indonesia, Canada, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

Horizontal Surface Grinding in Turkey

Prayosha Enterprise seems to be an impressive manufacturer, covering a wide range of Horizontal surface grinding machines manufacturer, suppliers and exporter in Turkey. Horizontal surface grinding refers to a machining process used to produce smooth and flat surfaces on a workpiece. In this method, a horizontally oriented grinding wheel removes material from the surface of the workpiece. The workpiece is held stationary on a reciprocating or rotary table while the grinding wheel traverses back and forth or moves across the surface, grinding it to the desired dimensions.

This type of grinding is commonly employed for creating precise and flat surfaces on metal, plastic, or other materials. It's often used in manufacturing to achieve tight tolerances, smooth finishes, and accurate dimensions on components used in machinery, tools, and various industrial applications.

horizontal hydraulic surface grinding in Turkey

Hydraulic Surface Grinder manufacturer in Turkey

Hydraulic Surface Grinders in Turkey

We are Well-known manufacture and exporter of hydraulic surface grinders in Turkey including Jumbo plus Surface Grinding Machine, Premier Hydraulic Surface Grinder Machine and Suprime Hydraulic Surface Grinder Machine at best price. our range of hydraulic surface grinders accommodates various workpiece sizes and shapes. Our machines are equipped with advanced hydraulic systems that guarantee smooth and precise operation, enhancing your productivity. From automotive components to precision tooling and beyond, our hydraulic surface grinders find applications in a wide array of industries. Whether it's achieving critical tolerances or refining surface quality, these machines deliver consistent performance in diverse manufacturing settings. Our hydraulic surface grinders undergo rigorous testing and adhere to international standards, ensuring durability and long-term performance.

CNC Surface Grinding in Turkey

As a dedicated exporter, our goal is to contribute to Turkey's industrial growth by delivering high-quality CNC surface grinding solutions to both domestic and international markets. CNC surface grinding refers to the use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology in the process of surface grinding. Surface grinding involves the precision grinding of flat surfaces on a workpiece using a rotating abrasive wheel.

Our CNC surface grinding widely used in industries that require precise and smooth surfaces on components, such as automotive parts, aerospace components, mold and die fabrication, and tool and die manufacture. It outperforms manual surface grinding methods in terms of precision, reproducibility, and efficiency.

CNC Surface Grinding exporter in Turkey

Oil type Surface Grinder manufacturer in Turkey

Oil type Surface Grinder – Turkey

Prayosha Enterprise, your premier destination for top-quality Oil Type Surface Grinders in Turkey. As a leading provider in the industry, we offer state-of-the-art oil type surface grinding machines designed to deliver exceptional precision and reliability in machining operations.

Our oil type surface grinders stands out for their robust construction and advanced technology. These machines are equipped with specialized oil-based lubrication systems that ensure smooth operation and precision grinding. The use of oil as a lubricant significantly reduces friction, thereby enhancing the longevity of critical components and ensuring consistent performance over time. Our oil-type surface grinders are built to last, with components designed to endure heavy-duty use, resulting in a longer machine life.

Flat Surface Grinding in Turkey

We are largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Flat Surface Grinding Machine in Turkey. A flat surface grinding machine is a high-precision equipment for producing a smooth, flat surface finish on a workpiece. This type of grinding machine uses an abrasive wheel or disc to remove material from the workpiece's surface, resulting in a flat, precise, and accurate surface.

The basic components of a flat surface grinding machine typically include: 1. Grinding Wheel, 2. Workpiece Holding Device, 3. Grinding Bed or Table, 4. Wheel Head. A flat surface grinding machine is a critical equipment in precision machining, painstakingly designed to provide flawless flatness and surface finish on workpieces. These devices carefully remove material from the surface using an abrasive grinding wheel, assuring consistency and great accuracy. These machines find application across industries, from metalworking and manufacturing to tool and die making.

Flat Surface Grinding exporter in Turkey

Supreme Surface Grinders suppliers Turkey

Supreme Surface Grinders Turkey

We[Prayosha Enterprises] is one of the top-notch supreme surface grinders, Suprime Hydraulic Surface Grinder Machine in Turkey. Our Supreme Surface Grinders represent the pinnacle of precision engineering and advanced technology in surface grinding machines. These machines often incorporate state-of-the-art CNC controls, allowing for precise and intricate grinding operations with remarkable ease.

"Supreme Surface Grinders" typically refer to a specific line or category of surface grinding machines that emphasize high precision, advanced features, and superior performance. However, without a specific brand or model name, it's challenging to provide precise details about a machine labeled as "Supreme Surface Grinder."

Used Surface Grinders in Turkey

We specialize in providing a selected range of high-quality, pre-owned Used surface grinding machines that are cost-effective without sacrificing performance or durability. we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection of quality used surface grinders in Turkey. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that every used surface grinder meets stringent performance standards before being made available for purchase. Our used surface grinders come in a variety of brands, models, and specifications to meet a wide range of machining requirements. Whether you need a specific size, specialty features, or specific grinding capabilities, our collection has a wide range of alternatives to meet your exact needs. We realize the importance of finding cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality, and our range of used surface grinders is a wise investment that provides value and performance to businesses looking to grow their machining capabilities on a budget.

Used Surface Grinding exporter in Turkey

Industrial Surface Grinding suppliers Turkey

Industrial Surface Grinding in Turkey

Prayosha Enterprise is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Surface Grinding machine in Turkey. Industrial surface grinding is the process of producing smooth, flat, or curved surfaces on workpieces utilizing specialized machines in industrial settings. Our Industrial surface grinding stands as a cornerstone of precision machining within various industrial sectors.

Industrial surface grinding machines come in various types, including horizontal surface grinders, vertical surface grinders, CNC-controlled models, and specialized versions designed for specific materials or intricate geometries. These machines offer versatility, enabling the production of a wide range of components with consistent quality and high accuracy.

Cylindrical Surface Grinders in Turkey

Prayosha Enterprise is a pioneering manufacturer of high-quality Cylindrical Surface Grinders in Turkey. We take pride in designing precise machinery that excels at cylindrical surface grinding while meeting the stringent needs of a wide range of industrial applications with dependability and accuracy.

Cylindrical surface grinders can perform various types of cylindrical grinding operations, such as external cylindrical grinding (for outer surfaces), internal cylindrical grinding (inside diameters), and centerless grinding (where the workpiece doesn't require a center hole for grinding). These machines are capable of grinding a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites, making them versatile for different industrial applications.

hydraulic cylindrical Grinding exporter in Turkey

Flat Surface Grinding Machine manufacturer Turkey

Flat Surface Grinding Machine in Turkey

In Turkey, we are the leading supplier of Flat Surface Grinding Machines. We engage in supplying high-quality machinery that delivers precision, accuracy, and superior surface finishes for a wide range of industrial applications.

A flat surface grinding machine is a vital tool in precision machining, dedicated to refining and producing smooth, flat surfaces on workpieces. This specialized machinery operates by utilizing an abrasive grinding wheel that rotates at high speeds, systematically removing material from the workpiece's surface to achieve precise flatness and uniformity.

Here are some key features of Flat Surface Grinding Machine:- 1. Precision Grinding 2. Versatility 3. Adjustable Grinding Parameters 4. Sturdy Construction 5. Grinding Wheel Options 6. Workpiece Holding Mechanism 7. Adjustable Table Movements 8. Automation Options 9. Coolant Systems.

CNC Thread Grinding Machine in Turkey

As a prominent manufacturer and exporter of CNC Surface Grinding Machines in Turkey. A CNC thread grinding machine is a specialist instrument that is used for precision thread machining on cylindrical workpieces. CNC technology is used in these machines to automate the operation of grinding threads with high accuracy and repeatability.

Thread grinding is the process of generating threads on a workpiece with a grinding wheel with a specific profile. CNC thread grinding machines are built to create precise and complicated threads with tight tolerances, higher surface finishes, and consistent thread geometries.

CNC Thread Grinding Machine exporter in Turkey


cnc profile grinding machine in Turkey

Why Choose Prayosha Enterprise for Surface Grinding Machine?

Prayosha Enterprise is renowned for its commitment to manufacturing high-quality surface grinding machines. Each machine is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring superior performance and durability. Prayosha Enterprise has years of experience in the sector and a thorough understanding of industry requirements. The design and functionality of their surface grinding machines show their experience.

Prayosha Enterprise stands proudly as a premier exporter of top-quality surface grinding machines, serving diverse markets across the globe.Our reach extends to countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Canada, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia, where our surface grinding machines have made a mark for their exceptional quality and reliability.